Focus of our Arabic Courses in Dubai will be on teaching students how to speak in the most neutral and common tone, so they will understand and be understood by most Arabs speakers. The teacher will teach an adapted version of the Levantine accent, spoken in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine and close to the Gulf Arabic accent. Students will also be taught how to write and read the standard, official Arabic script, but the focus of our Arabic Courses in Dubai will be on Conversational Arabic.

  • Arabic Group classes held for Corporates and in Schools, Beginner and Intermediate levels
  • Arabic Private / Semi-Private lessons, tailored to the right level

Private lessons are 1-on-1 tailored to student’s needs and cost AED 300 per hour; Semi-Private lessons are for a small group of 2-3 students and cost AED 175 per hour per student.
Our teachers will teach at students’ premises (individual or Corporate).  Depending on your location, a small fee to cover transportation might be added.